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In this insightful episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk, Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves takes center stage to address “Common Childhood Illnesses and How to Manage Them.” As a seasoned pediatrician, Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves provides a comprehensive guide for parents, offering valuable insights into the recognition and management of prevalent childhood illnesses. From fevers and colds to more complex conditions, this podcast serves as a reliable resource for families navigating the challenges of children’s health with Top Pediatrician in Kodichikkenhalli.

Tune in to Ikshana Wellness Talk for a wealth of information and advice on family health, where Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves’ expertise ensures that this episode becomes an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers. Subscribe now to empower yourself with the knowledge needed to manage common childhood illnesses and nurture a healthy and resilient family with Top Pediatrician in Kodichikkenhalli.

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