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Ikshana Multispeciality and Diagnostic Centre

Sweet Success: Expert Diabetes Care for Better Blood Sugar Control and Health.

Healthy Living with Expert Diabetes Care: Comprehensive Management for Optimal Health



At Ikshana multispeciality & diagnostics center,We believe that prevention is better than cure.That is the reason we offer a wide range of preventive health check ups that can help in detecting potential health issues before they become serious.Blood tests,imaging studies and physical examination are few of the tests conducted on the patient to examine the overall health and well being.

We provide consultation services with our skilled and educated healthcare professionals, In addition to our preventative health check ups.Our medical professionals will review and analyze the test results and will discuss with you if you have any concerns or queries.Additionally they will also provide a plan like diet modifications,lifestyle changes and other interventions which will help in improving health.

Our medical staff will always be there to support you whether your’e goal is to improve health or manage a chronic disease.Our services are designed in a manner that caters to individual needs.Our team works together with you to devise a comprehensive plan that focuses on your unique needs and goals.

At Ikshana multispeciality & diagnostics center,We believe that taking care of your health is very essential and should be considered utmost priority,You can stay on top of your game by taking preventive steps to maintain your health and wellbeing by getting preventative health check ups and consultation services.Make an appointment with us today and educate yourself on how we can help you achieve your optimal health.


Most frequent questions and answers

A consultation with a diabetologist means an appointment with a  doctor who specializes himself in diagnosis,treatment and management of diabetes.Based on the consultation the doctor will prepare a personalized treatment plan based on the medical history,physical examination and any other required tests to evaluate your diabetes.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, need assistance controlling your blood sugar levels, have diabetes-related challenges, or are having difficulty controlling your diabetes with your current treatment plan, you should definitely  visit a diabetologist.

You may anticipate an in-depth evaluation of your diabetes at a consultation with a diabetologist,including a review of your medical history, a physical examination, and any required testing like blood work or urine tests. Together with you, the diabetologist will put together a specialized treatment plan that might involve changes to your diet, medication, and other treatments.

The frequency of consultations with a diabetologist varies from person to person based on your individual needs and treatment plan.Usually patients with a type 1 diabetes might require frequent visits to the doctor whereas patients with a type 2 diabetes may have consultations every three to six months.

Yes, a diabetologist can collaborate with your primary care physician to help you manage your diabetes care. They can collaborate to create a personalized treatment plan and ensure continuity of care.

To prepare yourself for a consultation with a diabetologist, you should bring a list of all your current medications, any recent test results or lab reports, and a record of your blood sugar levels. Additionally you should also prepare a list of queries or concerns you have about your diabetes care.

Since diabetes is a chronic disease that requires ongoing management,The majority of insurance plans cover visits to a diabetologist, However, it is recommended to check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

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