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Stay Ahead of the Game: Proactive Preventive Health Check-Ups

Stay Ahead of Your Health: Comprehensive Preventive Check-Ups for Early Detection and Prevention.

Preventive Health Check-ups

Preventive Health Check-ups

At Ikshana multispeciality & diagnostics center,To help you in maintaining maximum health and wellness ,We offer a comprehensive consultation with a preventative health check up service.Our consultation service includes a personalized assessment of your overall health, taking into consideration your medical history, lifestyle habits, and any specific problems or symptoms you may be experiencing.

During your consultation, our skilled healthcare providers will evaluate your preventative health check-up results and discuss any new findings or areas of worry with you. They will collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that might include lifestyle changes, changes to your diet, or other measures to help you improve your health and prevent future health problems.

We believe that to maintain an optimal health and wellness it is important to take preventive health check ups services which will help in identifying potential health risks before they become serious.Our consultation services are designed in a manner to meet individual needs and requirements.

At Ikshana multispeciality & diagnostics center,we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care in a comfortable and warm environment. Our healthcare providers are highly educated and experienced, and we use the latest diagnostic equipment and technologies to ensure that you receive precise and timely health care.

If you’re looking for a clinic that helps to prevent major health mishaps before they create a greater damage to your health,Look no further ,At Ikshana multispeciality & diagnostics center,We provide comprehensive consultation with a preventive health check-up service,Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a greater health and wellness.


Most frequent questions and answers

A preventive health check-up is a medical evaluation that includes a number of tests and assessments to identify potential health concerns before they worsen. It is meant to assist in identifying any underlying health issues and taking preventive efforts to prevent future health complications.

Preventive health care is important for preserving  maximum health and fitness. It can help uncover possible health issues before they become more serious and offer you with the essential information and advice to enhance your health.

There are various kinds of preventive health care checkup  tests like blood tests,imaging studies and x-rays or ultrasounds and physical exams.However,They are done based depending on your age,gender and overall health status.

The frequency of preventive health check-ups varies upon your age, gender, and overall health status.It is usually recommended that adults undergo a preventive health check-up every 1-2 years while those with particular risk factors might require more regular visits.

Some tests mentioned in the preventive health examination may require fasting such as blood glucose and lipid tests. So that the results that we get are more accurate and we can give medications accordingly.

Generally most insurance plans cover the cost of a preventive health check ,Although It is wise to get it checked with your insurance provider so that there is no confusion.

Preventive health checkup is something that will help each and every individual in detecting diseases early.It can be undergone by all ages and health conditions,But some medical conditions like pregnant women are needed to be consulted by their doctor before a preventive health check up.

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