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Inside Your Health: Get a Deeper Look with Our Comprehensive Blood Tests

Get Insights into Your Health with a Comprehensive Blood Test – Stay Informed and Take Control.

Blood Test

Blood Test

We provide complete laboratory services, including blood tests, at our diagnostic and multispecialty clinic. Blood tests are critical diagnostic tools for a wide range of medical disorders, from infections to cancer.

A blood test is a very easy diagnostic procedure in which a little sample of blood is drawn from a vein in your arm. After that, the sample gets sent to a laboratory for examination. Blood tests are helpful in the diagnosis of a variety of medical illnesses, including anaemia, infections, liver and kidney disease, thyroid abnormalities, and cancer.

Blood tests are important diagnostic instruments that are useful in the detection and monitoring of medical disorders. They may also help in the identification of risk factors for certain diseases, allowing for early intervention and therapy. Blood tests are non-invasive and have little side effects, making them a reliable diagnostic tool.

A healthcare expert will insert a needle into a vein in your arm to extract a tiny sample of blood during the blood test. During the operation, you may feel a minor pinch or pain, although it normally lasts only a few seconds. You might experience slight bruising or pain at the location of the needle insertion after the treatment.

The  results from blood tests may vary from time to time depending on the kind of test and the facility that processes the sample. Results are usually available within a few days. Our medical staff will examine the findings and give you with an in-depth report.

At Ikshana multispeciality and diagnostic center, To provide accurate and quick findings for our patients, we employ cutting-edge laboratory equipment and processes at our clinic. Make an appointment for a blood test with us right now.


Most frequent questions and answers

In general, There is no extra preparation is required for a blood test. Some tests, however, may need you to fast for several hours before taking them. Your doctor will inform you whether you need to fast or take any other extra measures before the test.

A blood test usually consists of a brief prick or tiny needle insertion into your arm, which may produce slight discomfort or stinging. However, the process is normally painless, with discomfort lasting only a few seconds.

A routine blood test is completed in just a couple of minutes. However, you may be need to wait for a brief period of time following the test for the laboratory to analyse the sample to collect the findings.


Blood tests can detect a variety of medical issues, such as infections, anaemia, liver and kidney illness, thyroid abnormalities, and cancer. They may also be helpful in the identification of risk factors for particular diseases as well as the monitoring of ongoing medical issues.

The frequency of blood tests is determined by your age, health, and medical history. Based on your individual requirements, your healthcare professional will decide on the proper frequency of tests.


Blood tests are typically covered by most health insurance policies. However, it is recommended to discuss the coverage and any out-of-pocket charges with your respective insurance provider.


Many healthcare providers give safe online access to your blood test results, allowing you to see them from the privacy of your own home. Some providers, however, may prefer to provide findings in person or over the phone. Inquire with your healthcare provider about their policies for obtaining test results.


If your blood test findings are abnormal, your healthcare professional may recommend more diagnostic testing and, if necessary, treatment alternatives. It is critical to follow up with your healthcare professional as soon as possible to address any medical issues.

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