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Ikshana Multispeciality and Diagnostic Centre

Avail comprehensive healthcare solutions from our consultant specialists for your overall well-being

Your health is our priority. Our specialist healthcare experts are available for consultation as per your healthcare needs. We provide personalized treatment plans for all our patients and ensure their speedy recovery to help them lead a healthy and fulfilling life

Ikshana- Consultation

Ikshana- Consultation

At Ikshana Multispecialty and Diagnostic Centre, we provide a number of consultation services to diagnose and evaluate the health issues of our valued patients. We have specialized and experienced doctors who understand the patient’s health concerns by diagnosing and analyzing the medical histories and, based on them, providing treatment that is beneficial for their faster recovery

Our diagnostic services include:

  1. General Physician- Our experienced general physicians treat all types of diseases ranging from minor to chronic ailments. Some common conditions that our general physicians proficiently treat include common flu, fever, allergies, headaches, arthritis, high blood pressure, and digestive disorders.  
  2. Diabetologist- Diabetes is a condition that requires constant diagnosis and monitoring to control it. Our expert specialists take the utmost care of our patients by ensuring individual care and attention for managing diabetes.
  3. Preventive Health Check-Ups- Health check-ups are essential for maintaining overall well-being. We provide comprehensive and preventive health Check-Up facilities to ensure early detection of health concerns and ways to prevent them.
  4. Cardiologist- Our experienced doctors perform physical examinations through various diagnostic measures like ECG or echocardiography to detect cardiological problems. As a part of the consultation, medicines, and lifestyle modification strategies are all suggested by doctors for their patient’s well-being.
  5. Gynaecologist- Our gynecologist deals with health issues of women of all ages. Our experienced doctors will treat all gynecological problems, including irregular periods, menopausal symptoms, and pregnancy concerns, with utmost precision and care.
  6. Physiotherapist- Our physiotherapy treatments aim to reduce pain, recover from injuries, and enhance the various functions of the body. The sessions may include manual treatment, therapeutic exercise, and modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or heat therapy according to the patient’s healthcare needs.
  7. Pulmonologist- Respiratory disorders can take a complex turn if not treated on time. Our expert pulmonologists diagnose the problems by analyzing the symptoms and medical history of the patients. Pulmonology care includes medication management, breathing treatments, oxygen therapy, and lifestyle changes. 
  8. Surgical Oncologist- Our experienced and specialized surgical oncologists are highly competent in cancer surgery. Depending upon diagnoses and the results obtained from the image scanning and biopsy, the stage and the type of cancer are determined. The cancerous tumor is removed from the patient through surgery. 
  9. Medical Oncologist- Our skilled and expert medical oncologists treat cancer with the help of various treatments like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. They take of the patient’s health concerns and provide personalized care for their speedy recovery.

At Ikshana Multispecialty and Diagnostic Centre, we are committed to providing the best quality healthcare services to our patients to ensure their well-being. Our skilled and highly experienced doctors provide comprehensive treatment plans that suit the needs and requirements of the individual’s health concerns to ensure desirable outcomes. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Individuals suffer from various health issues. It becomes difficult for them to understand why they are having a certain kind of health problem and how it will be cured. In such cases, visiting a specialist doctor is essential to determine the health problem and, based on it, recommend treatment for faster health recovery.

Our team of dedicated, skilled, and expert doctors with years of experience in the medical field provides personalized consultation at Ikshana Multispecialty and Diagnostic Centre. They take the utmost care of the patients to ensure effective outcomes of the treatments.

At Ikshana Multispecialty and Diagnostic Centre, there are various types of consultation services available from our specialist doctors. Our team includes general physicians, cardiologists, diabetologists, pulmonologists, physiotherapists, gynecologists, medical oncologists, and surgical oncologists. 

Our specialist doctors first understand the symptoms and the medical history of the patients. After diagnoses and relevant examinations, treatment methods are recommended for the well-being of the patients.

Professional consultation is important to diagnose and assess health issues. Also, preventive health check-ups are essential to ensure the diagnosis of diseases and their effective outcomes for a speedy health recovery.

You can visit https://www.ikshanamultispecialityanddiagnosticcentre.com/ or call us at +91 8050069992 or 080 40453924 to schedule your appointment.

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