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In this informative episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk, Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves takes the lead in discussing “Nutrition Tips for Growing Kids.” As a seasoned pediatrician,  Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves provides practical and evidence-based advice for parents and caregivers looking to optimize the nutrition of their children. From incorporating essential nutrients to addressing common dietary challenges, this podcast is a must-listen for families committed to fostering the health and well-being of their growing kids and consult Pediatrician near me.

Tune in to Ikshana Wellness Talk for a wealth of insights into family health, where  Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves’ expertise ensures that this episode serves as a valuable resource for parents navigating the intricacies of childhood nutrition. Subscribe now to embark on a journey towards providing your growing kids with the nutrition they need for a healthy and thriving future with Pediatrician near me.

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