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Welcome to Ikshana Wellness Talk, the podcast channel dedicated to empowering you with knowledge and insights for your holistic well-being. In this episode, join your host, Dr. Purnima.K, as we unravel the significance of HbA1c in long-term diabetes management. Discover why HbA1c is a crucial marker, learn how it impacts your health, and explore effective strategies to optimize your diabetes management. Gain valuable tips and expert advice to take control of your health and lead a fulfilling life. Get ready for an enlightening conversation on Understanding HbA1c: The Key to Long-term Diabetes Management.

Thank you for listening to Ikshana Wellness Talk, where we explored the essential role of HbA1c in long-term diabetes management. We hope this episode has provided you with valuable insights and practical tools to take charge of your health. Remember, monitoring and understanding your HbA1c levels can lead to better diabetes management and improved overall well-being with Best Diabetologist in Vijaya Bank Layout . Stay connected with us for more episodes dedicated to your holistic wellness. This is Dr. Purnima.K, your host, signing off. Wishing you good health and happiness!”

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