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In this episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk, join us as we unravel the complexities of viral fever with the esteemed Dr. Purnima.K. Viral fevers can be a common yet challenging health issue, and Dr. Purnima.K’s extensive expertise sheds light on the topic.

Dr. Purnima.K discusses the in’s and out’s of viral fevers, including their causes, symptoms, and best practices for prevention and management. Her insightful guidance and practical tips empower listeners to take control of their health during fever seasons.

Whether you’re seeking to understand viral fevers better or looking for effective ways to cope with them, this podcast episode is a valuable resource. Tune in to gain a deeper insight into viral fever and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to stay healthy. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Dr. Purnima.K, a top General Physician in Vijaya Bank Layout 

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