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General Physician tip for Headache

Headaches commonly affect 9 to 90, sometimes mildly, sometimes severely. Nowadays, kids who are 5 or 6 years old complaint about suffering from headaches. No matter how severe or how mild the headache is, it requires General Physician attention and medical intervention.

We tend to take headaches lightly. As a result, the underlying cause often goes unnoticed. Headaches can lead to severe complications if not treated on time. Therefore, it is necessary to see a doctor like Dr. Purnima. K if you are having headaches frequently to detect the root cause of the problem. 

Finding out the causes of headache with

Headache is the most common type of pain that is most likely to affect every single person in their lifetime. However, the complexity may vary depending on the individual health condition. Let us know about some of the common causes that give rise to headaches. 

·       Inadequate sleep

Inadequate sleep takes a toll on the overall wellbeing. It causes a headache, brings hormonal changes, and also disrupts the immune system of the body. Thus, it is crucial to have undisturbed sleep and maintain a proper sleeping time to get rid of unwanted headaches.

·       Stress factors by general physician

None of us can deny the fact that life comes with a series of hurdles that stress us out. Whether it’s our career or our personal life, anxiety and pressure are everywhere. Too much overthinking leads to headaches. Hence, we must take shelter from yoga sessions, meditation, or any activities that help to de-stress us. 

·       Stay hydrated

The human body requires an adequate amount of water to ensure that the body is performing all its activities well. If water intake is lower than the minimum, it causes headaches as it affects blood circulation and brain functions. However, individuals must abstain from other beverages like alcohol and the ones that have caffeine content in them to reduce the occurrence of headaches.

·       Exposure to gadgets

The professional set-up has become so demanding that our eyes are exposed to the computer screen for 9 to 10 hours a day. Also, the screen time that we spend while scrolling through the smartphone throughout the day causes headaches. Kids also suffer from headaches nowadays because of exposure to electronic mediums. The only way to reduce headaches is to decrease screentime. When it comes to the little ones, take away those smartphones from them and give them books to read. 


·       External factors with general physician

Sudden weather changes can cause headaches. A sudden drop in temperature or rise in mercury level may lead to health issues, including headaches. Thus, stay protected during seasonal changes, maintain healthy food habits, and take proper medicines to ensure that headaches don’t torment you.

These are a few general causes of headaches that we all might be victims of. However, there can be several reasons that can only be determined by a healthcare professional. Thus, a holistic approach that includes lifestyle management and visiting a General Physician for regular checkups is essential to lead a healthy, headache-free life. 

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