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Managing diabetes is not difficult. However, we tend to make the condition complex by putting unnecessary shackles on our thinking ability. Among various other methods, one way to manage diabetes is to balance food habits by eating mindfully.

How are mindful eating and diabetes management related?

Being mindful while eating is not an easy task. Understanding what to eat and when to eat is an art that grows from self-control. Such a practice of staying alert to the body’s hunger cravings and eating the right combination of food is called mindful eating.

Diabetes patients usually worry too much about their meal plans. However, rather than focusing on when to eat and how much to eat, they shift their entire focus to “What to eat?”- And, here lies the problem.

Only restrictions on food items that have sugary ingredients will not be effective in managing diabetes. But the key to controlling diabetes is by growing and nurturing eating habits mindfully.

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How to eat mindfully?

Here are some ways for diabetes patients to eat their food mindfully.

·       Let your hunger speak.

Understand when you are feeling hungry. Don’t start eating because you are feeling happy, sad, depressed, or over-excited. Pay attention to your body’s requirements and see that you are providing your body with proper nourishment.

·       Eat slowly but steadily.

Do not be in a hurry while eating your food. You will end up over-eating. To manage diabetes, relax while eating. Relish every bite and chew the food properly.

·       Cherish the food.

Deadlines matter, and so does your health. So, enjoy your food. Be present at the moment to make sure that you are enjoying the taste of the food that you are consuming. It will ensure that you eat the right amount of food and manage diabetes.

·       Keep those emotions at bay.

It is absolutely fine to celebrate your salary day with a pizza, but before you order one, ask yourself if you are hungry. Refrain from ordering food when your emotions trigger you.

·       Healthy food has no substitute.

Eating healthy is essential for controlling diabetes. But do not lament that your doctor has restricted you from eating your favorite sweet. Instead, try out new recipes. Avoid outside food and stick to homemade food to keep your body fit and healthy.

·       Keep a watch on time.

Apart from eating the required quantity of food, it is essential to eat on time. Diabetic patients should consult their doctor, make a meal plan, and take meals on time.

Diabetes management largely depends on how you eat your food. It is essential to understand whether you are hungry or your pent-up emotions are tempting you to order food from your favorite restaurant. Eating the right quantity of healthy food, enjoying your food, and sticking to your scheduled meal plan are effective mindful eating strategies to manage diabetes. So, by consulting a diabetologist and with proper dietary management, one can adopt self-management skills and bring a positive shift in their overall lifestyle.

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