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Every choice counts when it comes to diabetes care

Diabetologist in Bangalore | Ikshana Multispeciality & Diagnostics Centre Diabetes, the medical condition, takes a toll on the overall well-being. Every individual diagnosed with diabetes has to deal with various challenges, both mentally as well as physically. Amidst the different guidelines like maintaining a diet, managing lifestyle changes, and visiting a Diabetologist in Bangalore for […]

Podcast- 13: Understanding Diabetes: A Chat with Dr. Purnima.K

Diabetes has become a chronic medical condition that has been affecting millions of individuals across the globe. In this condition, the human body is unable to regulate the blood sugar level. Two types of diabetes mainly persist. They are type 1 and type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes can be managed effectively by adopting a healthy lifestyle. […]

Mindful Eating: Your Path to Wellness in Diabetes Care

Managing diabetes is not difficult. However, we tend to make the condition complex by putting unnecessary shackles on our thinking ability. Among various other methods, one way to manage diabetes is to balance food habits by eating mindfully. How are mindful eating and diabetes management related? Being mindful while eating is not an easy task. […]

Podcast – 12: Conquering Allergic Cough | Dr. Purnima.k

Join us for an enlightening episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk as we explore the vexing issue of allergic cough with the distinguished Dr. Purnima.K. Allergic cough can be a persistent and disruptive condition, affecting countless individuals. In this episode, we dive deep into the causes, triggers, and effective management strategies for allergic cough. Dr. Purnima.K’s […]

Podcast : 11 – Beating Dengue Fever | Dr. Purnima.K

Welcome to another informative episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk. Today, we delve into the world of Dengue fever with the highly knowledgeable Dr. Purnima.K. Dengue is a mosquito-borne illness that affects millions globally, and understanding its intricacies is crucial for prevention and management. In this episode, Dr. Purnima.K sheds light on Dengue fever, covering its […]

Podcast -09 Understanding Migraines | Dr. Purnima.K | Best General Physician

In this engaging episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk, Dr. Purnima.K delves into the topic of migraines. She unravels the mysteries behind this common yet complex condition, discussing its causes, symptoms, and management. Dr. Purnima.K’s expertise shines as she offers valuable insights on how to cope with migraines and improve overall well-being. Dr. Purnima.K’s podcast episode […]

Podcast-08 Transformative Journey: Navigating Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Care |Dr. Rakhi Mohan | Gynecologist| Bangalore

Best Gynecologist in Akshay Nagar

Welcome to “Ikshana Wellness Talk”! I’m your host, Dr. Rakhi Mohan, gynecologist and advocate for women’s health. In this transformative podcast series, we’ll embark on a profound journey, exploring the intricate and often challenging path of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. Join me as we delve into a world of knowledge, empathy, and empowerment, seeking […]

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