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Is COVID-19 back again?

As the news of the increasing rates of COVID-19 is doing the rounds, it is indeed making all of us worried. From Germany, Italy, and Singapore to India, the JN.1 covid sub-variant is affecting many across the globe. With the drop in mercury levels and the festive season in full swing, the cases of COVID-19 […]

Are you getting a daily headache? Let’s find the Why with General Physician

General Physician

Headaches commonly affect 9 to 90, sometimes mildly, sometimes severely. Nowadays, kids who are 5 or 6 years old complaint about suffering from headaches. No matter how severe or how mild the headache is, it requires General Physician attention and medical intervention. We tend to take headaches lightly. As a result, the underlying cause often […]

Every choice counts when it comes to diabetes care

Diabetologist in Bangalore | Ikshana Multispeciality & Diagnostics Centre Diabetes, the medical condition, takes a toll on the overall well-being. Every individual diagnosed with diabetes has to deal with various challenges, both mentally as well as physically. Amidst the different guidelines like maintaining a diet, managing lifestyle changes, and visiting a Diabetologist in Bangalore for […]

Mindful Eating: Your Path to Wellness in Diabetes Care

Managing diabetes is not difficult. However, we tend to make the condition complex by putting unnecessary shackles on our thinking ability. Among various other methods, one way to manage diabetes is to balance food habits by eating mindfully. How are mindful eating and diabetes management related? Being mindful while eating is not an easy task. […]

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