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Podcast:30- Simple Techniques to Manage Stress for a Calmer You | Dr. Purnima. K 

Best General Physician in Bommanhalli

Feeling the pressure building?  Juggling work, family, and daily life can take its toll. But what if there were simple tools you could use to manage Stress and find inner peace? With Best General Physician in Bommanhalli In this episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk, we’ll explore practical techniques to help you de-stress and cultivate a […]

Every choice counts when it comes to diabetes care

Diabetologist in Bangalore | Ikshana Multispeciality & Diagnostics Centre Diabetes, the medical condition, takes a toll on the overall well-being. Every individual diagnosed with diabetes has to deal with various challenges, both mentally as well as physically. Amidst the different guidelines like maintaining a diet, managing lifestyle changes, and visiting a Diabetologist in Bangalore for […]

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