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Podcast:22-  Recognizing and Managing Allergies in Children| Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves | Pediatrician in kodichikkanahalli

Pediatrician in Kodichikkenhalli

Join Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves, Pediatrician in kodichikkanahalli on Ikshana Wellness Talk as she sheds light on “Recognizing and Managing Allergies in Children.” This episode is a must-listen for parents and caregivers seeking practical guidance on navigating the complex landscape of childhood allergies. Dr. Seema Peter Gonsalves’ expertise and warm communication style make this podcast […]

Podcast:21-  Warning Signs of Endometriosis | Dr. Kavita Peter Gonsalves | Gynecologist in Kodichikkenhalli

Dr. Kavita Peter Gonsalves

Welcome to Ikshana Wellness Talk, where we delve into the world of women’s health with Dr. Kavita Peter Gonsalves, Gynecologist in Kodichikkenhalli. In this insightful podcast episode, Dr. Kavita Peter Gonsalves sheds light on the warning signs of endometriosis, a commonly misunderstood and underdiagnosed condition affecting millions of women worldwide. In this engaging discussion, Dr. […]

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