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Is COVID-19 back again?

As the news of the increasing rates of COVID-19 is doing the rounds, it is indeed making all of us worried. From Germany, Italy, and Singapore to India, the JN.1 covid sub-variant is affecting many across the globe. With the drop in mercury levels and the festive season in full swing, the cases of COVID-19 […]

Podcast – 12: Conquering Allergic Cough | Dr. Purnima.k

Join us for an enlightening episode of Ikshana Wellness Talk as we explore the vexing issue of allergic cough with the distinguished Dr. Purnima.K. Allergic cough can be a persistent and disruptive condition, affecting countless individuals. In this episode, we dive deep into the causes, triggers, and effective management strategies for allergic cough. Dr. Purnima.K’s […]

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