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As the news of the increasing rates of COVID-19 is doing the rounds, it is indeed making all of us worried. From Germany, Italy, and Singapore to India, the JN.1 covid sub-variant is affecting many across the globe.

With the drop in mercury levels and the festive season in full swing, the cases of COVID-19 are rising. In the southern states of India, namely Kerala and Karnataka, the government has already set protocols to ensure the safety of the citizens.

However, the question is, should we worry about the surge in covid cases?

The answer is that rather than worrying and panicking, all of us need to stay safe. It is essential to stay informed, be vigilant about the symptoms, follow safety guidelines, and consult a doctor as and when required.

Should the symptoms be ignored?

Absolutely not! Even if one experiences mild symptoms of covid, it should not be ignored. Let’s take note of the symptoms to stay aware and understand our health condition vividly.

The symptoms might differ from person to person. Some people may experience mild symptoms, while others may have severe symptoms. However, there may be people who don’t experience any discomfort but may have the potential to spread the disease. Adults and children, both, can show various symptoms that may be the cause of covid.

What should we do?

The aim of every individual should be to follow the guidelines and to stop the spread of the virus. To ensure safety, we must remember the following preventive measures and execute them in our daily activities.

All individuals must be fully vaccinated to stay safe from the virus. Vaccination is provided as per the guidelines of healthcare authorities to ensure that all citizens are protected from COVID-19 viruses.

No matter what, don’t forget to leave your home without a mask. Wherever there is a gathering, wear a mask. And, don’t forget to cover your nose and your mouth with the face mask.

It is better not to go to a crowded place to stay away from the virus. However, it might not be possible always. So, when in a crowded place or a gathering, don’t forget to maintain social distance with fellow acquaintances of your group.

Some healthy practices that will keep you safe from covid are washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching the face and nose frequently, and using hand sanitizers frequently in a public place to ensure the hands are disinfected and germ-free.

Whether it is the house or the office space, every corner of the indoors should be disinfected and cleaned. Sanitize the doorknobs, the railings, the windows, the electronic devices, the switchboard, and all the surfaces that we touch frequently. Keep every touching surface clean.

Since covid is related to respiratory disorders, it is crucial to maintain certain respiratory hygiene regularly. Cover your nose with your hand or tissue while coughing or sneezing. Immediately dispose of the tissue and disinfect your hands to ensure that the germs are not spread from one person to the other.

People travel for various purposes. It can be for vacations to relax or for work-related issues. It is essential to stay informed about the safety guidelines while traveling. Avoiding crowded places, wearing face masks, and maintaining social distancing are a few common norms that every traveler must abide by.

To sum up

We have all experienced the trauma of COVID-19 in the recent past and know how lockdown can put a shackle on our entire existence. Certainly, none of us want to be a part of the horror again. Covid cases are rising, but we should follow safety protocols to curb its existence. Consulting a doctor is a must when you experience any symptoms related to covid. Let’s together stop the spread of the virus by staying safe, staying informed, and following guidelines as stated by healthcare authorities.

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